RoPieeeXL Airport Volume Control

Hi, first thank you for RoPieee, very nice to use. The problem I am encountering is that I installed RoPieeeXL to allow me to use Pandora through Shairport-Sync but the volume is very low. It appears that I have to turn the Shairport volume to maximum to achieve the same volume level that I see at any given Roon volume level. Or, if for instance the Roon volume level is at 20, the Shairport volume level at 20 is inaudible and must be turned up to 100 to achieve the same level as the Roon at 20.

I had a similar problem using DietPi, and I was able to solve that using the ALSA mixer, but I think that is not an option here - there is a badge that indicates that the hardware mixer is not supported. I also see that Software is the only option for volume control. Is there any other way to “normalize” the volume so it is in the same range as the Roon platform?


Hardware volume control is based on a “white list”: there is no way to detect if hardware volume control is present or not, so this means that RoPieee contains a white list with HAT’s for which hardware volume control is present.

What kind of output do you use?

I am using a Justboom DAC Hat, and other than the volume issue it seems to be working well.

Ok, can you send me feedback? You can find that on the ‘advanced’ tab.

Feedback sent:


I’m pretty excited to see some traction on this issue as well. :smiley:


@spockfish - Would love to see Hardware volume control whitelisted for the Hifiberry AMP2 please. Feedback 4ea12bce5d69960b left.


Also sent feedback




I’ve added the following devices (and their mixer settings) to the whitelist:

Justboom DAC
Hifiberry AMP2
Hifiberry DAC+

Ping @Carl_Tuttle, @0rangutan, @Dan_Ward

This is for now only available in the beta channel, so you need to switch. You can do that in the ‘advanced’ tab.

When you’ve pulled in the latest update on the beta channel you should be able to select ‘hardware mixer’ in the respective services tab (so the “hardware mixer not supported” label should be gone).

Let me know how it goes.

First I’d like to say thank you very much for enabling hardware volume control. I have a hat that acts like a hifiberry DAC+ and this is now working well with hardware volume control.

My observations:

The RoPieee display shows what is playing on that zone with Roon, not airplay. So the wrong album and text shows up. But if you change the volume in iTunes, the volume display changes based on what is happening in iTunes. Also if you change the volume on the display, the hardware volume control is changed.

However, it’s not bidirectional, if the volume is changed locally on the endpoint (in my case with the touchscreen), it is not reflected in iTunes. So the iTunes volume slider is not in sync with what is really happening on the endpoint. Not sure is this is possible to have bidirectional comms with shairport-sync.

The display goes to sleep with Airplay playing. I like this as most of the time, I’d rather have the clock than the album picture (only when roon radio is playing and the next artist is a mystery is the display really informative).

What I’d love to see next (we users are never satisfied):

The display to show the details of what is actually playing from that endpoint from airplay or roon or whatever. If that’s not possible, blanking the display or putting up the airplay (or whatever) icon to show what is active would be better than the wrong information based on the Roon endpoint info.

I’d also love to have bidirectional volume and playback control. So the controls on the display (if there are any) feed back to the streaming app. This happens nicely with Roon, it would be lovely if it would happen for other sources. (BTW Naim does it, but I’m not sure if they are using shairport-sync like you are).

In general, it’s fantastic though. Thanks so much.


Hmmm. Not quite working for me with Hifiberry AMP2.

Room works fine.
Airport hardware volume control works fine.
Spotify Connect doesn’t work at all though.
If I choose Hardware, it never appears in Spotify.
If I choose Software, it appears but without audio.

Thanks for all the hard work Harry.

Feedback 2e49147267cb20b2.

Let’s take one step at the time.

Can you confirm that the change from yesterday made it work on Airport?

Yes, Airport volume control works fine when I select Hardware under Shareport.

Thanks for the update Harry. I updated to the beta version, and the selection for hardware volume control did show up. I selected it, applied the update, and rebooted. Now the device does not show up when I try to browse to it as I have always been able to do, nor does it show up in my router’s list of devices (which is not necessarily a definitive list). I did the following without success:

  • Since I changed the host name I tried browsing to the new host name, ropieee.local, and ropieeexl.local
  • I tried cycling the power on the device

I should probably try re-flashing the card with the beta - is it possible to download that directly or should I re-flash with the production release and go through the web interface to do it?

To be clear, I changed the host name when i originally installed ropieee and had no problem browsing tot the new host name.

I see in your feedback that Spotify is still on ‘software mixer’.

You can’t download it directly, so you need to start with ‘stable’.

I tried both Hardware and Software.
Under Hardware it does not show up in Spotify.
Under Software it shows up but there is no audio.

Additional feedback 2dfa200d68c30aea submitted now, configured for Hardware. Still not showing up in Spotify.

ok clear, then I can explain what I see :wink:

I think I’ve found the issue, but I can only update it later today.
I’ll ping you when an update is available.


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Hi @0rangutan,

Update is out there. Can you try Spotify again with hardware mixer?