RoPieeeXL: beta testers wanted

As I recently posted here I’m working on RoPieeeXL: a version of RoPieee that has other streaming technologies on board as well.

The idea is that there will be a separate image, but also that you can easily upgrade from an existing RoPieee setup to XL as well.

So here’s the first iteration of that attempt and it needs some testing. How does it work?

  • switch to the beta channel
  • commit, reboot
  • update (either manually or automatically)
  • go to the advanced tab
  • enable RopIeeeXL (it’s a new setting)
  • wait

The waiting can take long, because the additional software requires quite some stuff to be pulled in.

So what does it provide? Right now 2 services: DLNA and Airport.

Some basic ground rules: please don’t do this if you’re not interested in the beta process itself but just merely want those services. This will take some time to settle down, so only do this if you’re patient enough to sit this out and are not afraid to get stuck :wink: Oh. And please don’t ask why Spotify is not included (yet).

DLNA I’ve tested myself, the Airport not as I don’t have Apple hardware.



Count me in…I have enough 10+ pi’s to make a mess of some :stuck_out_tongue:

One question is Display still supported and will it reflect what’s playing in the other sources to?

I got this…starting from a fresh 262 SD build then selecting time zone and reboot then changing to Beta channel - I’m assuming its a transient issue when the new build is being updated - now seems to be on 268 just before this happened BUT the web pages are no longer showing up. LED is flashing at 1:2 rate as normal.

also didn’t see anything XL related in the 268 menus when they did momentarily show up

Also the dragonfly DAC on both test units are seen in Roon as RAAT devices but no Airplay listed.

Any way to send feedback from the command line? Ill leave it running for a few hours and try with another setup just changing to beta and nothing else.

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OK seems like after a reboot or 2 can get it all up…but…

adding the airplay zone works OK…playing to the RAAT zone works…but when you play to the airplay zone it disappears from the zone list and needs a reboot. sending feedback on this one now here


So … dot is disappear immediately or after a while?

yeah see already why it disappears… which kinda content are you streaming? It complains about the format and then exits.

nothing exotic - immediately on play…it just poof and no audio zone

i have a bit complicated setup to participate in Ropiee beta, however i am using shairport-sync on ropieee already without any signifficant issue (execept it’s not showing what it’s playing on display - there is last status from roon player - but this do not concern me :slight_smile: )

however one request regading the ropieeexl - would it be possible to add also Spotify Connect? Should not be much of hassle i believe:)

Soo… you totally did not read my announcement above right?


@wizardofoz thanks for testing this.

I’ve put out an update. Let’s see if this improves stuff…


No display is not supported atm.

When you say its not supported you mean for the XL functions but its still working for RoonBridge tho?

OK I can still play from the RAAT zones but when trying the Airplay zones…it added them, then when I played it removed them still - on 269 Feedback afbf48fbd27b1e23

reappeared again but when I play it just looks like its starting then stops

Not sure if Airplay supports FLAC, maybe try some ALAC 44.1kHz 16bit 2ch?
We are just cloning my sons current Ropieee SD to create a beta test one. We will be able to try Airplay direct, have you tried that wizardofox?

yes it is. nothing changed there. the data for the screen is pulled directly from roon. but when you use Airplay or DLNA there isn’t any data.

Ok then you have to wait until I get home to figure out what’s going on. From the logs in now looks it craps out immediately.

OK ALAC is no help either looks like it plays a few secs but not long enough to get the mouse to the signal path info before it stops…and after several tries it drops off the zone list again…oddly when that happens sometime the other airplay zone drops too…but the RAAT ones say there. Here is another feedback…was playing Adele


No rush… these are my test pi’s both 3b+ fyi

I don’t get what you mean. Are you talking about Airplay? Because you’re now taling about ‘signal path’.

even airplay has signal path and looks like Flac is no issue to Apple TV

oh. didn’t know that :wink:

So you’re using Roon to stream via AirPlay to the RoPieee unit?
That’s interesting, because that means I can test it as well!