RoPieeeXL Image and Variant files unable to transfer to SD Cards

I had no issue transferring RoPieee from my pc to a SD Card for the Raspberry Pi 3 B. However, I keep getting error message saying that RoPieeeXL writes to (multiple) SD Cards is unsuccessful. The file in question is ropieeexl_ose_pi3-20220407.179.bin.xz (also tried the .bin version). Are there older versions of the XL file available for download?

There is not.

I’ve double checked again flasing an image with that specific file and no problems here. So I suggest you start looking at the process you’re using writing the SD.

On which platform are you and which program do you use for flashing the SD?

SOLVED: If BalenaEtcher fails to successfully write the RoPieeeXL image to a SD Card in Windows 10, try an alternative image transfer program such as Rufus

Background: Internet search reveals a known issue with BalenaEtcher where a checksum verification failure occurs (in error). See attached screenshot.


This has come up before – I’ll add a troubleshooting step to the RoPieee installation guide. Thanks.

Why do the images have a .bin extension? I have to change it to .img to be recognized on my Mac.

It is the ‘safest’ extension to prevent issues on all platforms and browsers.
‘.img’ causes issues on Windows with certain browsers.

Alternative I’m considering is ‘.raw’, since recent Etcher support this extension as well.