RoPieeeXL Librespot/Spotify Bitrate

Hi, does anybody know with wich bitrate the receiver for spotify is created?

Extract from the Librespot documentation:
Option b bitrate Bitrate (kbps): 96, 160, 320. Defaults to 160.

Since I did not find an option to select in the settings, I am now wondering if the default value is being used, or what value is being used.

320, the max.

Thank you, that was quick. It’s reassuring for music that it’s not the default value. Are there any plans for a setting for this in the future? Maybe we’ll see that more than 320 is possible :wink:

It depends. It needs to make sense. Doing less than 320 on Spotify makes no sense at all, at least to me :wink: So for now this is not planned.

The vast majority of people stop hearing differences before 256kbps, so 320kbps is overkill already. Then, CD rate is about 1.4Mbps. If you use lossless compression like FLAC, you can reduce it to 50-60%, which would bring you down to about 700-800kbps. Going above 320 starts bordering lossless, so I don’t think it’ll ever happen.