RoPieeeXL NAA client naming conflicts?

@spockfish I have an existing HQPlayer setup for my main listening area with speakers. As part of this I have an existing NAA endpoint device connected to the HQP server and use the Roon integration with HQP to stream. I want to add a RPI4 running RopieeeXL for my headphone setup and use the built-in NAA client. My understanding is that HQP doesn’t like two NAA clients unless they have unique names. But I see no way to rename the NAA client in RoPieeeXL, so I worry that it will conflict with the base NAA OS device I already have running. Is there some trick to avoid naming conflicts using RoPieeeXL and NAA client functionality?

Check my post in AS

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You’re running the client in 2 different hosts with 2 different hostnames. There’s no conflict.