RoPieeeXL - New Install Just Shows Shairport (Airplay) but not Roon Endpoint

Just downloaded the latest RoPieeeXL and installed in a Pi3B. Configured via the web interface and rebooted about a dozen times. Roon can see the device, in Settings|Audio but only as an Airplay (Shairport) endpoint. So it does not show up as a Roonbridge endpoint in the Roon Audio menu. However, if go to ‘About’ Roonbridge registers as seen…


It is connected to a USB DAC (MOJO), and Wireless. Wired makes no difference, still not seen properly. No error messages in the RoPieeeXL web interface. Pi green light is blinking as it should, just no proper Roon endpoint to send to.

Router was rebooted only a week ago and there are no other Roon or network issues.

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There is no DAC, hence it does not show up in Roon.

Is the DAC powered on? Or can you power cycle it?
Does the DAC have enough power?

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Hi Harry,

many thanks for the quick response. Your comment made me go back to check the Mojo connections. I had it on charge all afternoon before plugging it into the Pi. To connect to the Pi, I just unplugged the USB cable at the charger end and moved it straight into the Pi USB skt. This was the issue!
The Mojo end of the USB cable was still plugged into the charging port of the Mojo, not the one next to it which is where it needs to be! Although the DAC was powered on, it was connected for charging, not for signal transfer. Doh!
This post may solve a similar issue for others…thanks again.

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