RopieeeXL tab disappears in 413?

After first upgrading my Ropieee XL to 413, the Ropieee XL tab was present as usual. I saw the new SqueezeLite options. But then I enabled web authentication and rebooted and the tab was gone. I turned off web authentication and rebooted but the Ropieee XL tab did not return.

The Ropieee XL functionality still seems to work though. Spotify Connect is working.

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Mine just messed up also. I unplugged the power for a few seconds, plugged it back in, and it started working again.

Hey, that did it! Rebooting via the web interface wouldn’t bring it back but unplugging did the trick.

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You hit a bug.
Looking into it right now.



Patch is out that fixes this problem.


@spockfish Harry maybe its possible that a new install of XL has the options all set to OFF so as to keep running processes at a minimum?


I came to the same conclusion :slight_smile: Will be the case in the next version.


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Can we get an indication of low voltage or better yet actual voltage if that’s available?

And an instant power down option on the General page please please please…otherwise its like 3 clicks to do a shutdown for those that like to shutdown to save what little power a pi uses :slight_smile: