RopieeeXL volume issue stable 2.504

Damn, almost blew HAT or speakers.
Came from 2.45x, built myself a sweat case for the ropieexl rpi+hat. Turned it on. It updated to 2.504 and appeared in Bubbleupnp. Turned volume down to 10/100 as always. Started playing and Klabammmmmm. 100% volume.

Weird thing is also that ropieeexl now starts at 50% volume, but still blasts full force. Not eager to try it again. Can ik go back to 2.4xx with working t4u only???

Screenshot one from hificast

It is recognized.

But when changing volume it says: not connected to ropieeexl.
But playing a track works…

You’re on beta.

In beta I’ve switched to a different UPNP renderer.
Try disable OpenHome support.

The volume stuff I need to look into.

Both with or without openhome it doesn’t work.
Can i go back to latest working one you made for my tp-archer t4u?

Just go to stable.

I also turned of beta channel, and ran with the stable 2.504

You need to reflash if you want to go from beta to stable.

Ok, confusing part was that it says it is now on stable :wink:

Ok. This is because it has no mixer configured, hence the message (which is a little bit confusing).
I need to figure out how to configure the mixer.