RoPieeeXL: Volume range for UPnP client changes with Roonbridge use:

I love RoPieeeXL for the ability to have a Roonbridge and a reliable UPnP client in one. The RoPieeeXL UPnP client is better than gmediarender-resurrect IMO

While I mostly use Roon, I do also stream via UPnP using software volume control. To have full volume range this way it is important for the ALSA HW mixer to be set to 100%. Upon noticing that the UPnP volume was variable and often way too quiet, I ssh’d into the ArchLinux environment to look at amixer. The ALSA HW mixer is neatly controlled directly by RAAT protocol. However, the most recent ALSA HW volume setting determined by the Roonbridge remains so when the UPnP client is used afterwards the volume range is too low in RoPieeeXL.

Is it possible to have a similar setting to the Roon tab to set the default initial volume for use with the RoPieeeXL clients? That way the ALSA HW volume setting can be set to 100% to take full advantage of a software volume control.