RopieeeXL wifi dongle

Hi, love the RopieeeXL distro. Which usb dongles are supported and how to configure? Tplink archer tu3 has tealtek rtl 8812 chipset.

If you have one just plug it in and reboot to see if it’s detected. Most “should work” unless very obscure chipsets.

Hi, plugged it in and wasn’t activated/installed. Not on usb 2.0 nor 3.0 ports. But if recognized, will there be a selection listbox to choose internal vs external?

send a feedback under the advanced tab to Harry (@spockfish) here so he can see what might e needed.

Will do. Thanks!

make sure its plugged in when you do the feedback

case id 312903c4ab856941

Hi @Ramon_Philippo,

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortuntately the device does not expose it’s chipset.

However, the wifi dongle’s are not ‘plug-and-play’ in the essence that you don’t need to do nothing: they do require a reconfig. Dongles are not detected at boot, but at the configuration stage.

So please go back into the network settings and configure your wireless (even if they are the same). Press ‘commit changes’ etc,.

Before you reboot you should send me the feedback, so I can see if it detects the hardware.
After the reboot you can see yourself which device is being used (as RoPieee falls back to the internal wifi if it can’t detect the external dongle).


Dear Harry,
Thank you so much for your swift reply. Will follow procedure and send the feedback.
Kond Regatds,


Thanks Ramon.

Indeed the hardware is not recognized, hence it uses the internal interface.
What I find strange is that you mention it has a rtl 8812, which in essence is supported by RoPieee.

Do you have a link to the product website?


Never mind, found it.
It requires a different driver. I’m looking into it if I can support it.


Thank you for your help and effort!

Kind regards, Ramon

Just to clear: supporting it takes time. So I would suggest you do not wait for it.
Want to be sure you won’t be disappointed :wink:

I understand Harry :wink:
Which adapters are you sure of that are supported. This one goes back to Will want to buy a supported one.
Thanks, Ramon

Most adapters use the Realtek chipsets… so on that front:

8812au, 8182eu, rtl8xxxu.

And a few Ralink sets as well: rt2800usb, rt2x00usb.

Hope this helps!

Ordered a TP-Link Archer T4U with rtl8812au chipset. Will post back tomorrow. Regards, Ramon

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Hi Harry,
Got the Archer T4U with a Realtek RTL8812au supported chipset. Still some issues. It sees the external but rebooting reverts back to internal.

Case 0874a67443d889e4

BTW, ssh with lsusb finds a TPlink T4U attached to the USB port. Also my Fritz! AC860 is detected.
Can’t i sudo my way to a driver install?

Where do you base that upon? What do you mean with ‘it sees the external but reverts back to internal’?