RoPieeeXL Wifi Tidal Roon

I’m using Roon mainly with Tidal integration. With RoPieeeXL (wifi) I’m often having dropouts, because of “bandwith issues loading Tidal content”… anybody else having the same dropouts? Unfortunately I’m not able to connect my Allo Digione Signature Player to LAN, so it has to be Wifi. My roon Endpoint is a Lenovo Thinkpad. If I don’t stream Roon to my Allo Digione Sig. Player but use the RME ADI Dac instead I don’t have any issues.

Do you think it’s a RoPieee issue? Or a hardware issue from the Allo?


RPI wifi (internal) is not that great - try with a wifi dongle and see if that improves it.

otherwise get a wifi repeater somewhere closer to the RPi and see if that helps.

@spockfish any chance of a wifi signal strength indication when on wifi?

Cheers… so another OS on the RPI would not help I bet…

I’ll try to connect tonight the RPI to the router with LAN and see if this is better… but this is far away from the hifi setup. But for testifying if its coming from the internal wifi it will be enough.

Thanks anyway for the tipps.

I tried testing this by turning off the wifi AP in my room and using one out in the hall way and nothing I played to the RPi (RopieeeXL) worked reliably at all, other things in the bedroom were all fine like Apple TV iPads phones even a RPi with external wifi dongle…so I have been there done that.

Which RPi are you using? I have no problems using RPi4 and WIFI anywhere in my house or on back porch. Is it possible to upgrade to RPi4? IDK.

I as using 3b normally I only have one 4 buts that’s doing Kodi duty

Thx to all. I’m using RPi3. I’m thinking now of my general setup.

I have two possibilities:
Opt 1: Roon Core on Laptop -> wifi -> Allo Digione -> SPDIF -> RME ADI 2 DAC -> AMP -> speaker
Opt 2: Roon Core on Laptop -> USB -> RME ADI 2 DAC -> AMP -> speaker

Apart from the dropout’s and possible solution via external wifi antenna or a repeater…

Which Option from above gives me the cleaner signal? I tried it yesterday evening for a couple of songs… I haven’t heard much of a difference.

Does anybody has any thoughts on it?

(I would only go the way of external wifi or antenna if the Opt 1 would be “better” or “cleaner”)

as long as the CORE is on the laptop and its connected to the router via LAN then perhaps the option one will work.

If your laptop / core is only connected via wifi and you are also streaming from Tidal or Qobuz then you are pushing the laptop wifi beyond its probable capability and this is more likely the issue than the RPi wifi perhaps


Your Roon core should be connected to your router using ethernet. You can use WIFI to your Roon end-point if you have a good WIFI signal. Otherwise, you would need a wired connection.

Thank you all for your support. I now have the roon core connected via ethernet.
My endpoints (Allo Digione Player, another Laptop) are used withe WIFI.

I unfortunately still have dropout’s, but not so many as before. It’s ok, yesterday evening I had a 3 hours listening session and had probably 2 dropout’s.