RopieeXL and Zerotier on Rasberry Pi?

Can I install both Ropiee and Zerotier on a Rasberry Pi?

I just got a Rasberry Pi 4 to install Ropiee and use as a Roon endpoint. Right now I use Zerotier to connect my remote core to all my home devices (Zerotier on router). But I’m also hoping to be able to use the Rpi as a travel endpoint by using zerotier.

Basically, is this possible? Or if I flash the Ropiee software, does it now allow any other software to be installed? Can Roon Bridge software be downloaded through the normal RPi software that would allow it to be used for other things as well?

Thanks for anyone who has experience with this.

This would be the way to go, using DietPi. I don’t have experience with Zerotier, but I happily use RoPiee and know that no other software can be installed. RoPieee is basically a closed system providing Roon Bridge on a custom Linux OS.

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I personally use Ubuntu server 21.10 on my RPI.

I then installed Roon Bridge. Works perfectly, and allows the PI to run other software. Diet Pi is also a good option, as its menu driven for software install, and requires little to no, Linux knowledge.