RopieeXL plus PI2AES does not stop sending data into ars output anymore

I happily used ropieexl with pi2aes@rpi4 for a while.

And most loved feature is I can play to aes input of my Genelec speakers , stop playing on Roon, then play marantz XLR analog outputs and speakers detect signal automatically and switches to it.

After one of upgrades this behavior is gone .

Genelec says it must not receive any data , even zeroes , at all on ars/ebu input to be able to switch to analog input.

So I suspect something changed in config .

Probably latest ropieee Linux kernel upgrade ?

@spockfish , only hope you could have idea on how I could debug it . I am DevOps and using Linux shell is not problem at all . So throw some scripts at me, please .

Of course goal is to restore “no data sending to AES after pause in Roon “ state of things .

Right now I can bring analog input back only by ropieee restart , which is not super convenient:)

And happy holidays to all !

Sorry to go a bit off topic. Can I ask how you handle volume control when going AES into the Genelecs? Is it device volume in Roon? I have the 8341 and been thinking about the trying PIAES.

Welcome to the forum Mykola.

What hat driver did you install?

Maybe install the SD card so it is fresh again.

Cheers John.

Thanks ! I choose pi2aes in hats list in ropiee UI . But seems it is using hifiberry digi driver . And I guess that was used before I got described problem.

Thanks for muddying water here :slight_smile: No worries really .
So I use DSP volume . I tired remote for Genelec but you can not set it without glm box powered and it is tricky , once I got full volume , and on 8361 it is around 110db I guess . Was not pleasant experience:)

So I decided that good Roon DSP volume is acceptable , it uses 64 bit to avoid too much rounding drifts you know .

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I have a AES hat from Audiophonics and I installed it with a HifiBerry driver. However you have a RP4. mine is a 3+

Does digital / analog auto switching work for you ?

Mine has no analog output

Hope it is not Linux kernel , and even if it is , hope we could figure out some custom sysctl flag to shut data on aes off.

Yeah, maybe someone else any thoughts?

This might be possibly related to Alsa DAPM that has been disabled in the latest version.
Alsa DAPM disables outputs after 5 seconds when there is no data.

@Mykola_Derzhak I can give you some instructions to test if this is the case.


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@spockfish That would be great ! So we can confirm it and tackle from there.

login with SSH (u:root, p:ropieee)

and remove the following file:


reboot the unit (type reboot) and try again.


So I did it. And it is it ! Now switching between digital/analog inputs on genelecs works !

Thanks Harry ! Love your product for simplicity and stability !

[root@ropieeexl ~]# cat /etc/modprobe.d/ropieee-disable-alsa-dapm.conf
options snd-soc-core pmdown_time=-1
[root@ropieeexl ~]# rm /etc/modprobe.d/ropieee-disable-alsa-dapm.conf
[root@ropieeexl ~]# reboot
Connection to ropieeexl.local closed by remote host.

Only ask of comfort would be: Can I make that rm command part of my auto-upgrade (I use on reboot upgrades, but think on scheduled reboots) ?

No you can’t.

I think (and in general I do not like adding complexity) the only proper way is to expose this as a setting. Where the default is DAPM off, but for cases like yours you can enable it.

Need to think a little bit more about this.


Makes sense. There is always trade off of complexity VS flexibility.
Part of config / UI option sounds good.
Take your time please.

And happy New Year !

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Hi @Mykola_Derzhak,

I’ve added a switch for enabling Alsa DAPM, but I don’t expose it to the UI (yet).

So with the next stable release, please ping me so I don’t forget to tell you how to make this persistent for you :wink:

Thanks, man ! I can create calendar event for you :slight_smile: