RoPieeXL with Ztella USB MQA out via 3.5mm


I got RoPieeXL running on my Pi4 as roon bridge connected via USB to my Cambridge Audio CXA61 and it works great with Roon. I also got Ztella USB DAC that can do MQA which apparently works fine RoPiee Zoorloo Ztella with Roopieee

I was wondering what would be the best way feed MQA quality stream to my Cambridge Audio CXA61 amp as it doesn’t have MQA decoder.

Ztella USB DAC has 3.5mm out so I was thinking to get quality 3.5mm to 2x RCA cable and plug it into the CXA61 since its got 4 analog inputs.

Will this work and give me the best sound quality out of this setup?

Just off topic but how is the sound quality of the Ztella?


I’ve used it on my macbook connected via Audioquest usb Jittebug and DT1990 PRO headphones. I was surprised how good it sounds and I cannot really go past 15% volume its so loud. Impressive for such a small device and considering I backed their kickstarter and got it for 60 GBP including shipping.
I can hear a clear difference between MQA and non-MQA Tidal tracks (main reason I got this usb-dac).
Would love to compare it to more expensive alternatives like Audioquest Dragonfly.

I got Fiio K5 Pro coming any day now so would compare it too.

I’ve used the following adaptor plus standard RCA cables with a DragonFly DAC.

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Thanks for the review Dominik :+1:

Thanks. Any reason you didn’t go straight 3.5mm to male RCA like this ?

I already had some high quality RCA cables I’d made, so this seemed the best way to achieve the connection. The cable you linked seems fine too.

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Here is signal path while using ztella usb mqa 3.5mm jack to analog in on my CXA61 amp

I ended up testing it against AudioQuest Cobalt and Topping E30. Chi-fi knows down both of them!

Much better quality bass and slam, better stereo seperation, imaging and of course warmer AKM sound signature. Ztella and AudioQuest being ESS Sabre DACs, were more cold and analytical to me. Topping E30 is more dynamic, more fun to listen to.