Rossini display problem with accents

For reasons I won’t go into, I am running 1.3 on my Rossini DAC.

It fails to display accents correctly, for example Adès in Roon becomes “Ad s” on the front of the Rossini.

Is this still the case in 1.5, or was it fixed?

Which version of the network firmware are you running?

I can confirm that there is zero issue with moving to 1.5 and I’m pretty sure I know why you stayed on 1.3 :wink:

Thanks, leaving aside the general firmware question, is the specific problem in 1.03 which I highlighted fixed? It’s a small point, but I’ll report it if not.

Looks good with Rossini 1.5. I’m running a beta version of the network code so the full change may not be 100% public yet.

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