Rotel RA-1592MKII connection via Ethernet or USB only?

Hello, I can’t really find an answer to this though I have tried.

If you have a Roon Core and Rotel RA-1592MKII both plugged into Ethernet will you be able to use Roon to stream to the Rotel or do you need to run a USB cable between them?

The Rotel documentation seems to suggest the latter but I find that rather strange and counter-intuitive, surely ethernet would be better?

If the Rotel is not Room Ready or Roon Tested, USB is your only friend. And I assume that the Rotel can function as an external DAC.
Next best option is a Raspberry Based Roon bridge with e.g. Ropieee

Doesn’t change anything, that you’ve to use USB with Roon.

Roon Tested should mean it will work over the USB connection quite happily.

I very much doubt you will see anything with the Ethernet connection but if you already plugged it in try it, you never know!

The ethernet port is not intended for streaming, instead, you can control your Rotel via network with a simple API. It’s documented here:

Thanks that answers the question.