Rotten M/S wiped Roon and caused other problems trying to ram their Edge program onto the PC

Windows 10 with this PC the core BUT I can no longer access it or re-install it. All the music files are still there on other drives (Roon was on a SSD C drive).


Are you sure you don’t have some other issue? My Windows 10 laptop has Microsoft Edge and it’s not a problem. However, I use Google Chrome.

Not sure what is going on. I was away from this PC - left it with Roon running OK (but not playing) and when I returned there was a blank screen with a promo from M/S urging use of Edge. I rebooted but the message persisted. I finally got rid of it but found Google had lost all its links, the desktop had drastically changed and Roon was uninstalled or unavailable. I reinstalled Roon but it fails to recognise this PC as the core.

And I should add, I’m like you - Edge is already installed but Google used. It seems M/S nuked the Chrome installation.

Do you see a button to deauthorise at all?
That would allow you to sign back into Roon using that PC as the core.

@JOHN_COULSON, is it possible your computer was force-upgraded to Windows 11 by Microsoft? Given that your desktop is different, this may be what occured. If so, you also may need to confirm that roon.exe and raatserver.exe exceptions are made in the W11 firewall (and that your network is set to Private mode).

Last info I had was that this AMD PC could not upgrade to W11 (and I’m not interested in doing this either). There are no firewalls operating in Windows - I’m relying on a robust firewall in the recent ASUS router.

Have not seen any deauthorise button - where would it be? Currently Roon are assuming I need another licence.

Can you post a screenshot showing this:

Also, can you please confirm that you are on W10 and not W11?

It is still running W10

POSTSCRIPT: This screen shot is better as an explanation

And what happens when you click use this PC?
If it says you are already logged in and need another license that is when you should see a deauthorise button.

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This sounds to me that you are logged into either a temporary profile or different user profile. Can you post a screenshot of C:\Users. Roon installs on the user profile level so if you are in a different profile Roon wouldn’t be installed.

Yes, that is the situation. It assumes I already have access to the core on this PC but, as the screen shot earlier shows, it never locates it so if I try to reinstall it, the verdict is I need another licence to do that as a second installation!!

It sees me OK & recognises I have a licence but thinks I’m trying a second installaTION.

i AM TOO DUMB TO DO THE SCANS THEY SUGGEST AS i’VE NO CLUE ABOUT WHAT (Caps lock apologies) IP or username to use.

No, find your Roon os is for Rock and Nucleus install only.
You need to click on the button that says use this PC.

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I’m suggesting that you are logged into a second Windows profile or your profile has been corrupted and you are logged into a temporary profile. That Edge window you described usually comes up when a new profile is loaded for the first time. Your Roon database is likely intact and located at C:\Users\username\Appdata\Local\Roon. If you post a screenshot of your C:\Users directory we can see if this is likely the issue.

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Yes, you are most likely correct. I’m logged in as “Admninistrator” not as “John”.

I’ll reboot and try to have it see me as “John”:

Yup that’ll do it. Log in as John and you should be able to open Roon.

You can also press Control Alt Delete and click sign out. At the login screen select your profile “John” in the bottom left.

@JOHN_COULSON, while @mackid1993 is asking valid questions, there may be too many approaches being asked of you simultaneously. If you get the same Roon screen where you have the option ot select this PC as a Roon Core, what happens if you select that option?

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