Rovi information not saved

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear R9000 router / Netgear GS108E switch, everything wired

Connected Audio Devices

Devialet Expert Pro 440 thru “Air”

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

When I select an Album => Edit => Identify Album the album is shown including the Rovi applied number of astrixes (rating).

When I continue by selecting an album (including Astrixes) a window is shown with a number of tracks. When I click on “Save” I return to the initial “Album Screen” but nothing is saved, no reviewer notes and no astrixes (rating)

I understand that Rovi information is not instantly available, but I’m experiencing this for a couple of days now and I reason that when something is offered thru Roon it should be “Roon Available”


Please provide some examples with screenshots. Thanks.

Also see Album Information not stored

Hi Jan,

Fellow user here. I think you are seeing the same issue as before. I took an unidentified album of a single 1 hour track I keep in my library and went through the Identification process and told Roon it was “I am the Moon: III: The Fall”. As soon as I finished the process I had the star rating AND the review for the TTB album.

So, something is causing that information to be blocked or delayed in your setup. You might track how long before the information shows up, if it does, as that might be useful information.

Have you tried rebooting your network, starting with the router?

I’ve moved the album-directory to a destination not monitored by Roon, Performed settings => Library => Library Mainenance => Cleaup Library, moved the album-directory back (to a destination monitored by Roon) and both the album review notes and rating appear.

My problem is bypassed though it shouldn’t be bypassed but solved.

Thanks Rugby, your reply directed me to this bypass

Is ROCK running on the NUC? And, where are your media files?

Rock runs on a M2 SSD (256 Gb). The media files are stored at a SATA SSD (on the same NUC)

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I did not experience these troubles with Beyoncé - Renaissance. I was able to “Identify” the album afterwards and reviewer notes plus rating became stored into the Roon database

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