RPi 3, DietPi, Native DSD, and Bryston BDA-3

Probably a question for Dan/DietPi, I am running a RPi, DietPi 1.43 as a roon endpoint and NAA device. See the following thread…

iFi Nano DSD works fine as native DSD DAC, the Bryston BDA-3 does not and I have to select DOP, even though the Bryston is listed here: https://github.com/lintweaker/xmos-native-dsd

Any ideas/thoughts?


The problem is that the patches listed on that github page have not been applied to the Linux kernel upstream or the kernel tree for the RPI3. I’ve got the same issue with my Wyred4Sound DAC2.

As we speak I’m building a kernel to see if I can get these patches applied. If that works…

Thanks and keep me posted on the kernel upgrade.

Hi there!

Any update on this subject? I’d also be interested in this… Thanks :slight_smile: