RPi 4 and RoPieee Which USB?

This must have been asked and answered. My search skills must be lacking.

I’ve been using Roon with Rpi 4 and Hifiberry DAC Pro…an all in one solution. Now I have an external DAC. My understanding was that I just tell RoPieee to not use any HAT. That will give me USB out from RoPieee, correct?

Which of the 4 USB outputs do I connect the external DAC to???


It makes no difference.


Thanks man!

Am I correct that this is how I can keep my Pi and HAT in same case and just bypass the HAT in favor of USB?

Yes. Didn’t we have this conversation in another thread?

Yes, you said I didn’t have to even remove the HAT or put it in another case. I’m pretty new to all of this coming form a long analog/TT world and only SONOS previously for my digital material. I was sort of expecting the DDL to have “USB output” in place of one of the HATs.

And for what ever reason that slider for “Audio USB” was already turned on from months ago when I was using the Pi 4 and HifiBerry XLR DAC. Perhaps a mistake on my part long ago when I set up the Rpi/Hifiberry.

I just wanted to make sure before I fired everything up.

Thanks for the help!

Since there are selections for a HAT and the slider for Audio USB via that slider; is is possible to have RoPieee send info to both the HAT and USB from Pi? Not that I need to just curious how it all works.

Hmm, I wouldn’t think so, but try it out. You can’t hurt anything.

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That is what I like to hear. Once I know that I’m off to the races. It would be an interesting way to easily compare the different SQ of the two. If it works I could have the small box of Pi/XLR HifiBerry and its XLR out to my preamp and the new DAC being fed by Pi via USB to the other XLR in of my preamp.

Thanks again!

Might be a limitation in RoonBridge, though. Perhaps it can only “see” one device at a time. Nope, see below.

I think that’s correct. But for $75, just assemble a second Pi4 if you need one. I have built 3 of them.

Nope I can connect a multitude of dacs to a pi and Roon sees them all and will play to them all. I’ve had a hat and usb dac running in tandem to.

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Cool. Good to know.

The only limit i think is usb power and bandwidth.