Rpi 4 + Digione display setup questions

Hi there,

I have recently purchased 2nd hand Allo Digione (NOT Signature) Player built on Rpi 4 with that cheap option power supply from Allo, to make my amp a Roon endpoint. After trying various OS images, I ended up with Ropieee - what a great, simple and stable tool. Thanks to whoever took work making it!

Now I am thinking of getting a display to show whats playing and just use the possibility since its supported by Ropiee. However, I am a bit perplexed with few things since I’m new to Rpi and no hardware expert:

  • How do I power the whole system? I can’t use the jumper cables due to Allo DigiOne HAT sitting on top of the Rpi4 board. Do I just connect that Allo 5V/3A power adapter to micro USB C connector on the display board and then it will power the whole system from there? Or do I need to get a new power adapter to power the display separately? Which one?

  • Are there any cases/housings/stands to recommend that would work and house the whole thing? Actually I don’t need it to be in a case necessarily, but it would be nice to have it at least on some stand, with some possibility to control the cables and not have it look like a small octopus, maybe there is some kind of case/stand proven cheap solution that Digione/HAT users know?



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Wow that looks really good. They have it in my local Rpi store! And it even has a front panel compatible with Lego lol.

So do I get it correctly that if I get this, I install the display following those instructions, ignoring the stuff with camera and I leave the back-panel open to make space for Digione HAT? And the power adapter will be enough to power the whole thing, using that splitter cable thats in the package?

Thank you!

I don’t know what the Digione requires. If it’s not enough power, you would need to power them separately. I power my RPi4, screen, Dragonfly Cobalt, and headphones with a battery and use WIFI for a totally portable setup. You can also purchase a larger back cover.

Take a look at this thread too …

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Thanks, very helpful!

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Maybe bit less sexy Than the one from Archimago
I bought two of them on Amazon.
Ready to use! Just install Ropeee and you re done !


Hey, thanks for the tip. I already have Rpi4 with Digione, so I just need the screen and some case, so I think Smartipi will be a better, cheaper and more flexible option for me.

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My bad, I half red the first paragraph…
Anyway I recently discovered RPI and it is fantastic from a price quality point of view.
I love streamers with albums displays.
I do not get why most of pricey streamers do not have a screen or a nice display screen.