Rpi endpoint and speaker help

Hello all, I was looking to use my rpi 3’s as roon endpoints since I already own them. I have found the hifiberry amp+ but at 25 watts its not very powerful. I’m wondering what DAC or AMP or whatever I should get that would work with rpi and Roon?

Also, not sure what kind of speakers I should be looking at if anyone could recommend any. I don’t want to get big huge speakers but I want some that sound good, I mainly listen to rap and club like music and maybe some rock. I’m also not looking to build a speaker out of wood and parts, I want to just buy a set of stereo speakers and mount the rp3+dac/amp to the back of one of the speakers.

I think I would put one set in our bedroom, one set in our bathroom (it’s quite small, just has shower stall, toilet and 1 sink to give an idea) and probably one set on our back deck (water proof speakers?).


I am on the search for two of this… Preferably that are Roon ready Like BlueSound! Or Sonos even!? :smiley:

You could use a DAC+ board and Emotiva powered speakers.

All of their speakers look a bit out of my budget.

Look for Edifier speakers, they are low priced and get good reviews, I am not affiliated in any way, and can’t vouch personally, but I have a friend who bought a pair and is happy with them. “Edifier R1280T” are only $99.