RPi occasional dropouts - problem and solution!

For months I’ve been experiencing occasional drop outs on one of my RPi 3b rigs, maybe once every 2-3 weeks. It runs Ropieee and uses a dongle for 2.4GHz WiFi - WiFi signal was good whenever I looked. Stopping and starting play never fixed it but sometimes a restart of the RPi did.

Roon Core logs showed the dropouts but, when I finally got round to enabling ssh on Ropieee there were no WiFi disconnects. However, I did notice a lot of low power warnings in the logs (using dmesg).

I’m using an iFi iPower which I tested with a multimeter and was giving just under 5.2v. However, when I used a USB voltmeter that was only registering 4.7v and seemed to fluctuate. After a bit of head scratching I realised the voltage changed as I wiggled the micro-USB adapter cable…one new cable later and the voltage problem at least is sorted. No dropouts yet either - hopefully that’s done it and my pain can be of help to others :grinning: