rPi power button support

It would be great if RoPieee had standard power button support so you don’t have to go to the web interface to turn it off.

Just turn it off… 99.9% runs in ram so you be very unlikely to cause any issues just powering it off…but why do you need to? I have all of mine on 24/7!

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I just hesitate to pull the cord since I have had several micro sd cards go bad over the years when there were power outages. Even when they were mostly running in RAM.

I doubt there is a standard GPIO pin for this kind of thing.

I was looking for something similar to use a GPIO pin as a trigger when music was playing for turning on an amp etc.

Maybe @spockfish Harry can consider something for both camps sometime seing as the SSH option is removed for any such tinkering :slight_smile:

I think that the challenge lies in the standardization (or lack of it :wink: )

You know how many different power button solutions for Pi’s exist?

So the question is: can we choose/figure out a single solution so that I only need to maintain that one?

Is it possible to do a Input pin and an Output pin with a GPIO dropdown selection from a range of pins that most of the supported hats dont use?

Hmmm… that still leaves the option to ‘brick’ your device.

But what actually gets “bricked” if anything. Am I right in thinking only the micro SD card is at risk. If so have a backup card (an exact copy) from the main one and simply swap if anything does go wrong. A few $ and a maintained backup card is all that is needed.

This is not about the SD card. This is about the possibility for the user to select a GPIO that renders a HAT non-functional. Guess who has to provide support for that :wink:

So that’s a no-go for me. The only option I can imagine is that we select one on/off implementation and support that with a simple switch.

My RPi is powered up and down like a yo-yo by our electricity utility, This has been happening to my pi4 for 3 years almost daily

I have had one SD card crash in that time , a quick re-flash fixed all. I meanwhile had bought the pi4 thinking the pi3 was kaput. The pi4 has been rock solid on Ropieee and Ropieee XL ever since


Or it would be great to have timer when device is in eco/sleep mode - my dac doesn’t support auto suspend usb unfortunately. But… Hmmm I can also buy socket connected to my “smart” home system…

Actually, there is a standard pin.

Pin 5 (GPIO3) if shorted to ground is designed to wake the pi if it has been shut down. So the cases that I am aware of with buttons use that one.

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To wake…but this is a request for power down