RPi Power supply using optical out

Hello everyone, quick question, does a good power supply for an Rpi with a optical out hat make any difference since theres no electrical connection from the rpi to a dac?

Nope. I don’t think it would make any difference if you used USB with a good DAC either.


Stable power may make a difference. The good news here is that there is a cheap way to test this. Power your Pi with a battery (power bank or other) and see if you hear a difference.

I don’t think, there’s anything to gain with different power supplies in the OP’s situation anyways, but feel compelled to comment on your recommendation.

Power banks use internal switching buck converters to convert the cell voltages to the desired output voltage, executed in cheapest designs without the goal to be especially stable or “quiet”, since

a) that’s not what they are designed to be

b) they’re competing in a market with lowest margins.

In conclusion, I’d strongly advise against such implementation.

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I don’t believe it will make any audible difference.

@Daniel_Morgado I am using a few Raspberry Pi’s with with optical out on the HAT.

I have always used the official Pi power supply and have never ever had any problems form a HAT’s outs or the Pi’s usb.

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