RPI3+Allo Boss or Dragonfly black plugin in a small win10 lap? SQ related, let me explain

Hi, I need your advice. To set a Roon end point I´m thinking about two options:

Option 1: I already have a cheap and small win 10 lap (celeron and no fan) that I´m using just for running Roon bridge with no problem using internal realtek sound. I can by a dragonfly black to improve SQ = 100€

Option 2: instead of buying dragonfly to improve my actual endpoint setup, go and buy an RPI3+Allo Boss DAC+ Box to use with Ropieee = 120€

Both options will cost aproximatly the same. Which one do you think is better, qill have better sound and will be -theorically of course- more reliable and future proof?

May be there are other options?

Thanks in advance.

My vote would be for the RPi personally


I agree. RPi is the better option. Easy to maintain and update, and far cheaper to leave on 24 x 7 x 365.


Does anyone know ?

If I set up a RPi and connect to my network, if I plug my Dragonfly Red into a USB port will it work

I assume yes but ?


Yes should be good to go. What rpi build are you using. I’ve tested with dietpi and ropieee only and no issues

RPi has the advantage that it is very flexible. It can run Airplay (Share Port), Spotify etc and can run a variety of audio HATs or any DAC via USB. It is also low power so can be left on. Once you have built one, the next one is even easier to do, if you want to expand your system to other rooms.
Also, just think of the endless fun you can have swapping out the stock power supply for any number of low-noise ones instead of listening to music…(joke alert!). :slight_smile:

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Almost certainly, yes. Plugged my DragonFly 1.2 into an RPi and bingo I have an endpoint. I use the Ropieee image.

Yes, no but.

Thanks, really, to all your replies! Very usefull all of them! Now, just putting focus in audio quality, DAC quality, sound quality-signature, between Dragonfly Black, or even red (that I already have in my main system-room), and the ALLO BOSS DAC with a RPI3… any comments? Better Dragon flies or allo?

Thanks again!

I don’t know if this helps, but the PCM5122 found in the Allo, IQAudiO, Bluesound Node &c was a definite upgrade on the DragonFly 1.2. I think the Black (sometimes referred to as the 1.5) is closely related to the 1.2. However, both Black and Red do have newer ESS DAC chips, so the gap may have closed. I think the AudioQuest benefits from power of two oversampling.

All of the PCM5122 (Burr Brown) DACs I’ve auditioned have a similar sound signature. They’re very good but lack the detail and soundstage I get with my Chord 2Qute.

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