RPi3/Hifi Berry Digi+ Pro with ROON - no connection via ethernet possible

Hi, i have the RPi3 with Hi-Berry digi+pro. with the SD-image from the homepage it should be possible to connect the package to a DAC via I2S.

But when i try to connect from Ipad via Roon Remote, the ethernet-LED on the router starts to blink and the Roon-App can´t get a connect (no device found). After closingthe App, the ethernet-LED shines as before (as it should do).

So i downloaded the image again, wrote it to the SD-card and tried again with the same results.

The Rpi/Digi+ pro with volumio it is possible to get a connection. But the music plays in double speed and awful crackles/noise.

With the Rpi and volumio alone via USB to the DAC it plays music without problems.

any idea is welcome, mario

HI @Mario_Weymayer, which “SD-image from the homepage” are you referring to ? If you don"t need Wifi, RoPieee is probably the easies to configure Roon end point with the RPI3.

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hi alec! thanks for your answer. i just recognised that i would need an extra-PC for ROON. i thought that the RPi with the Hifi-Berry is the Core for ROON but it is only the output :frowning:
so, now i am using volumio and it works fine.

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