Rsync music file backup over osx terminal

I found a few references to backing up my music files from a usb external drive to another computer on my network (to another attached drive), but the information provided there didn’t work for me. I wanted to rsync over a terminal on my imac, but I couldn’t find how to address the rock installation’s storage location. Here is what worked for me and what might work for you if you have a similar setup as mine.

My setup: 1) rock installation in my basement (works great); 2) local imac on the same network --the computer I use upstairs for normal work; 3) connected usb drive to the upstairs computer.

What I wanted to do: Backup my music files in the basement to another location. I wanted to use rsync over a terminal.

The problem: Finding the right way for rsync to locate the files in the basement over the network. [“smb://myipaddress/data/Storage” didn’t work; neither did a bunch of other things that I found]

What worked for me: Using the “GO” menu on “Finder”, then “Connect Server”, then use this address: “smb://rock/data” . Then you should be able to see your rock server on the finder window. From there, look for “data”, then “storage”, and you should find your music files. From here, click on the “gear” symbol where you can perform tasks on the folder. Under “services”, you have the option of opening a terminal window at that location. Now “rsync -av name_of_your_music_folder /Volumes/external_USB_HD_Name/name_of_backup_folder” .

This worked for me.

When you have the drive or share folder mounted/visible in the finder, you can just drag drop it into the terminal window to paste in the the path location. Therefore, just type “rsync -av “, hit space, drag-drop the Rock storage folder in, hit space, drag-drop the destination drive/folder in and hit return.


Thank you. I did not realize that Finder had that capability. Makes things a lot easier.

This is also how I back up my music library however I also add the —delete-before switch. Because I do make edits to my tags and music files at times I want to make sure that I am getting a 1:1 backup that mirrors these changes.