Rugby's Weekly Google Meet

There is already a Discord channel setup with fellow Roonies chatting etc, but, I don’t think that many other users are comfortable with it. So, I might do a Google Meet. That way more Roon users can get in on the conversation.

We can discuss music, hardware, etc. I will also be DJing using the extension during the meet, so we can all listen to the same music.

Thinking this Sat 12 26 3 PM EST. Will post the google meeting link then.


But then you’d know what I look like. HA!

Yeah… I should be able to join. Now, I just need to decide where in the house to join from. Obviously this requires a room with a working Zone.


I wanted to thank @ipeverywhere and @David_Mader for joining me this week. I think we had a very nice discussion and it was great to put faces and voices to fellow forum users.

I will post the meeting link, about 15 minutes prior, Jan 2 3:00 pm EST. Hope everyone has a great New Year’s Eve!

Topics will be Extensions what are they and how to use them, as well as, what new and interesting music everyone has been listening to.

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Wasn’t sure if this right place to Post, if not, apologies.’
Apropos the discussion last Saturday and your, Rugby, position on MQA I thought you’d find this article/essay on MQA, if you haven’t already come across it:-


And after playing around with the Roon Free Trial, I was sold. Signed up on a monthly basis and ordered a NUC and necessary hardware. Just have to await the arrival, already flashed the OS to a USB stick. Should be fun!!

Take care, be safe,



Today’s Meeting

(Old Meeting Link Removed)

I wanted to thank @ipeverywhere and @David_Mader for joining me this week.

Next meeing Jan 9th, 3 pm EST.

Topics will be DSD and HQPlayer. Hope to see you then!

Topics can include Extensions what are they and how to use them, as well as, new and interesting music as well as other topics.


I’m afraid I won’t be able to “attend” this Saturday (1/9). There’s a big Family Zoom Memorial at exactly the same time for my Father & Mother-in-Law, who passed away a few years ago.

I’ve done a bit of studying on HQPlayer and would have loved to hear your take on it and how it integrates with Roon. I also downloaded Hans Beekhuyzen’s “File Based Audio” Kindle book. Still trying to get a handle on DSD & PSM (?) vs MQA.

Haven’t received my SSD drive for the NUC. Hoping it will arrive tomorrow so I can get the ROCK up and running.

Give my best to IP, cheers,


Today’s Meeting

(Meeting Ended and Link Closed)

I wanted to thank @Adam_Hextall for joining me this week and chatting about Chord, WiFi, Tidal and Qobuz!

Next meeting Jan 16th, 3 pm EST. Hope to see you then!


Great to chat today. Can you send me a calendar invite for future weeks. Cheers Adam

Nice to chat with you as well!


Today’s Meeting

(Meeting Ended and Link Closed)

Had a great discussion about Room Correction both physical and software. Don’t forget, same time next Week!

Daniel, can you provide the link for today’s, 1/23, meeting?
Thanks, David

Today’s Meeting

(link removed)

Thanks everyone. As discussed, next week we will chat about Radio.