Rules for artist folder names

I have recently ripped a number of DVD-A Multi-Channel Albums. Rather than having them in the folder belonging to the actual artist (e.g. Fleetwood Mac), I would like to put them in an Artist Folder named something like “Multi-Channel” so that I can easily locate all of my multi-channel stuff. I did that and while I can search for the specific album and find it, the “artist” labeled “Multi-Channel” does not show up when I do an artist search.

Roon core is running on an SGC i5 processor.

My guess is that since there is no actual artist named “Multi-Channel” on any album, Roon doesn’t know what to do with it.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish my objective would be welcome.

Use Tag in roon “multichannel”. I have tags for which storage box the original CDs are in.

Tagging albums as you add them is one way of doing this, but it requires you to tag each new album. It might be better to use Focus to create a bookmark based on the storage location. That way any additional multi-channel albums you add will automatically show up when you use the relevant bookmark. To do this go to the album view, hit the Focus button, then select the Inspector button (bottom right of the screen), then click the Storage Locations link (bottom right of the pop up screen), then - finally - select the folder you use to store your multi-channel albums.

NOTE: Your multi-channel folder must be outside your main music folder otherwise the albums will show up twice in Roon (I think).

There actually is an artist called multichannel in tidal…:slight_smile:

Why don’t you just do albums—>focus—>format—>then select the multichannel formats you have (I have 5.0, 5.1 and 7.1 albums so I select all three)—>all of your multichannel albums will now be displayed—>then create a bookmark for it so it’s easy to bring these results up again.

This way you can keep your albums in the right artist folders where they belong.

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Thanks for all of the input. I ended up tagging the albums as “Multi-Channel” and left them in the proper Artist Folders. I will say that searching for “tags” is far less than intuitive - but it works.

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