Run RoonServer as a remote? [Answered]

I have a dedicated Audio PC based on DN2800MT which doesn’t support open gl 3.0. I have Roon installed on another PC but the Audio PC is connected to my DAC. I want to run RoonServer as a remote to the Main PC. Is this configuration possible?

this is how my setup is.

I have roonserver on my audio PC and i use an android device as the remote.

You set the roonserver as the output via roon on the other PC

Thanks, does you Audio PC manage the library? I wanted the other PC do the heavy processing, I don’t see a way to configure RoonServer to act like a remote.

my audioPC does all the library management…

only because i dont use the other PC for anything other than configuring the roonserver program (you cant configure it from the audioPC there is literally no way)

because i use the android for a remote i have no other way to manage the library and i havent tried.

library management isnt a continuous task though - i would think that its ok for the audioPC to do it without affecting sound quality.

I think an installation of RoonServer only runs as a Core.

What you are trying to do will be best done by installing RoonSpeakers on the Audio PC, use the Main PC to do the processing and send the audio by Ethernet to the RoonSpeakers zone on the Audio PC which can then send it to your DAC. The Audio PC will remain a small footprint low processing device.

RoonSpeakers is not currently available but is scheduled for release soon. No date has been announced but it was hoped to have been released in November, so it should not be too far away.