Running 120v Gear in Europe (ref#KK8OUQ)

Affected Product


Nucleus Model

Nucleus+ Rev A

RAM & Internal Storage

Internal storage 4tb Ram unsure

Connected Audio Devices

Connected to Orbi RBR40 network via Ethernet cable.
& Mytek Manhattan II preamp via Ethernet cable

Home Network Details

Ethernet connected Orbi RBR40

Description of Issue

Moving to Europe and need advice on how to run my 120v gear on Europe specifically France. Run everything through a audiophile quality step down transformer with everything plugged into Furman power conditioner?
Other ideas?
Thank you


How is this a genuine Roon support issue? If I try and treat it as one, your only support worthy gear from Roon Labs seems to be your Nucleus. What support staff already shared about the matter in the past:

Thank you that is great to know as we are moving US based stereo gear to France including a Roon Nucleus.
Any additional insight on how to best configure US 120v gear/plug type in Europe? Is it preferable to use a step down transformer and plug existing 120v power conditioner?
Anyone out there has made this move before configuration and product selection used would be of help. Most grateful !

If the move is permanent, you may want to consider selling and buy 220 V equipment is Europe.

However, note that contractors working in buildings are required to run 110 V equipment, and use transformers. For instance …

This may be one way of providing a dedicated circuit for your hi-fi. However, do not use any 220 V equipment with you kit.

Whatever you choose, seek advice to make sure it is safe and correctly rated for the equipment.

Incidentally, I moved this thread to #audio-gear-talk.

For gear with built-in power supplies it can be worth checking the back side (near the power inlet), some offer a (red?) voltage selector switch. Other gear may support equally wide spread input voltage as the Nucleus PSU – please check the manual or contact manufacturer support first.

In this case and if a device is incompatible to central European voltages, you can also contact the device manufacturer – maybe they are able and willing to help you (replacing models for free or a small fee, giving advice).

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Indeed, many devices these days will have a switchable power supply. Not sure if the below is the correct device as it is listed as a DAC rather than a preamp, but the specs for the power supply do state “Switchable 115/230VAC”

In addition note that not only voltage, but also frequency is different. AC in North America is typically 60 Hz whereas only 50Hz in France. I don’t know what the effect is, but apparently it may have an impact for some appliances if the power supply is not designed to handle the frequency.

Did that for many years when i came back form an 8 years stay in NorthAmerica. Had a huge step down transformer like 3000 W from 240V .115 or 120 V. Worked w/o a hitch. Frequency didn’t matter, my equipment handled both (McIntosh 6900, McIntosh D/A converter etc.(

Thank you everyone for you responses. KMM can you post the product or link of product you bought eight years ago so I have a decent known starting reference point please?
I am in dollar wise quite deep and do not want to start over nor can I probably afford to.
Roon nucleus will take the Euro voltage with a different cable as will Mytek preamp/DAC by voltage selector on back of unit.
So all that’s in play is Furman power conditioner, Mac amp, CD player, & turntable. I have a Keces LPS with two inputs one for the Nucleus and one for my network hub. I am in the process of contacting them as well.

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Something like this Bronson++ TI 2000 110 Volt USA Spannungswandler Ringkern-Transformator 2000 Watt - In: 110V oder 220V / Out: 110V und 220V - Bronson 2000W

Thank you!

Since last post I have also found these two units as well… Hopes this helps.


I used a simple voltage converter with sufficient wattage. No need for fancy stuff