Running 2.0 on Nucleus and my Remote is running 1.8

Im having the same problem as this user.

When I was notified there was a major new update to Roon I turned to my computer and responded to the option to “update Roon”. But I get the above message and repeating the process several times does not yield.success.

I need some very specific directions, please.

Is your Windows laptop is running W10 or W11? Either OS now is required to run Roon 2.0. If so, and your laptop is not showing an option to download an update in Settings → About, you can download a fresh copy of Roon for Windows here and either uninstall the old Windows version or install the new download over your old version:

You should be able to go to Roon’s download page, download the Windows Roon software, and install the 2.0 software over your 1.8 version on your Windows computer.

It is more complicated than that.

It is more complicated than that! It only offered me an option to retry and retry didn’t help even after trying it repeatedly. Worse, I couldn’t find any way to get anywhere from that page in the illustration in my earlier note.

I would have gone to Settings but there was no option to do so. When I tried logging in, it said I was already logged in and suggested I was trying to access a second source of Roon and that I would need to delete or unauthorize my only version.

Well I surely do not want to get rid of my one and only Roon file of music!
As usual, I’m lost. Help, please.

Have you quit Roon on your Windows PC and downloaded a fresh copy of Roon for Windows on your Windows computer, and re-install over the old version?

I downloaded the update. I get an error checking for the update. It looks like “one or more devices on your network need to be updated”, but what?

Did you install the Windows version of Roon on your PC for the Remote? Is this what you wanted, Windows-based Remote? It appears you installed the Roon ROCK software on it.

You seem to have downloaded and installed a very old version of Roon on your PC (1.7 build 571). Not sure how that happened.

You need to download the Windows All-in-one / Windows Remote version for Roon 2.0. The link is in this help article under the Download Links for Roon Core 2.0 section:


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