Running 3 Chord Qutests on Roon, only one is recognized at a time

Roon Core Machine :slight_smile:

Mac mini - M1 2020, 16GB
Mac 12.4 OS

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

3 Chord Qutests
2 are connected by USB B and 1 is connected by USB C

Number of Tracks in Library

Using TIDAL Streaming

Description of Issue

I purchased 3 Chord Qutest DACs to make 3 zones inn my house through Roon. Unfortunately Roon only recognizes one Qutest at a time and I cannot make 3 zones.

This is not the case if I use my DAVE and Qutest as they both show up as separate zones. But when I connect more than one Qutest I cannot see them individually through Roon.

Instead only one Qutest can show up when all 3 are attached. It seems Roon can only recognize 1 of the 3 Qutests when they are all connected to a Mac mini that is running Roon.

ow to fix this? Please advise

Not really sure on the reason for connecting these three to your Core, but i would likely use Ethernet as a carrier and deploy the DAC’s where they are determined to be used. A simple NanoPi NEO or Raspberry Pi with a simple linear power supply could be used as a low cost, high performance transport for each DAC. Giving the option of naming these properly and managing them efficiently separately. I’d even wager that three DACs on a single computers USB host bus will not sound very good… There’ll be latency and timing issues…

But, regarding your problem i’d first look in the MacOS Audio-settings to try and figure out if they are identified separately by the Mac?

HI @Eric_Gibb,

Were you able to get things figured out? Were @Mikael_Ollars’s comments helpful?


Not yet Wes, I contacted Chord and they tried adding 3 of the same DACs and said the also couldn’t be recognized separately by Roon when connected to a Mac Mini. The reason I want do this is I have 3 audio zones of inwall speakers I am trying to control separately.

Hi Eric,

I wanted to verify what we would see on our side and here’s what I found.

Roon will see Roon Ready devices uniquely because they report serial numbers to us. In the case of this Chord Quest it only reports a USB ID and all of those devices share the same one.

As a way to work around this, I might suggest a Roon Bridge capable device in between Roon and the Chord devices. This will give each device a unique serial and signature for your setup.

Here is an article with more information:


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Thanks Wes, this is very informative. Can a Mac mini running Mac OS X, act as a “Roon Bridge capable device”? Can all 3 Chord Qutests be plugged into the Mac mini, or would I need to connect the three Chord Qutests to 3 separate “Roon Bridge capable devices”? Could you describe the setup in a little more detail? Thank you!

He’s basically suggesting the same thing as i did previously. A Raspberry Pi for each endpoint will solve your issue, as they are RAAT endpoints which will allow the Qutests to be identified properly and individually.
Just google “raspberry pi roon bridge” or visit

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Hi @Eric_Gibb,

Technically, you’d only need two bridge devices since Roon would see one Chord unit if the other two are bridged. With two units bridged and one connected directly, Roon would see those two bridges as a unique device and the remaining Chord as well. It looks like @Mikael_Ollars and I are on the same page!


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Of course! Good catch!

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