Running a second trial version of Roon?

I have a running install of Roon where the core is on a PC and the files sit on a NAS. I am evaluating a new PC to serve as my core. I would like to test out Roon on it without migrating my core. I don’t need to have all my files on the trial core, I can add some locally to test with. How can I get a new core running temporarily for evaluation before I decide to migrate?

No need for a trial. When you login to your new Core, Roon will ask you to deactivate your old Core. That’s no big deal since you can always re-activate it.

Before you deactivate your old Core, I’d suggest that you do a database backup. Save it to a location that your new Core can access (NAS or a thumb drive that you can move over). After you login to the new Core for the first time, skip the setup questions and restore the database backup. This will save you from having to manually enable and configure Outputs. Big time saver and a better evaluation anyway. Good luck!

Thanks! Once I backup the database to the NAS, would you recommend powering down the PC with the old core to avoid conflicts while using the new one?

No need to power down the old Core. There will be no conflicts. I mean, it won’t hurt to power it down either. Just not necessary. :slight_smile:

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