Running Core in 2 different locations (not simultaneously)

I want to run Roon in my holiday home as well. I understand it is easy to authorize/deauthorize the Core. I’d appreciate some clarity on moving the database and the music files. I do not plan to add/delete music or data in my holiday home Roon setup; it will be used only for listening.

In my main location, I am running Core on a NAS. The Roon database is on an SSD on the NAS and the music files reside on the NAS. Both the Roon Backup and the music files are being backed up on an external USB drive.

I will be running Core on a Mac Mini in my holiday home - I used the Mini before getting the NAS. I intend to remove the USB backup disk from the NAS and plug it into the Mini, copy the Backup on the Mini’s internal drive and use the USB drive for the music files.

Is that the right way of doing it? or am I missing something ?

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No, that is fine.

Ok so I got everything done as planned and I (finally) have Roon working in the other location thanks to help from this forum.

One issue though is that it reread all the files on the new location and if listed by date added, the titles start with ‘z’ then go all the way back to A then numbers :slight_smile: I presume they were read from number to ‘Z’ so I get them backward.

Interestingly, when I use focus, it gives the real date the files were added (ie ripped to the drive). Is there any way I can get it to read the actual file creation date vs date added?

When you say " if listed by date added, the titles start with ‘z’ then go all the way back to A then numbers" what are you looking at? The Track Browser, the Album Browser? A screenshot would be helpful, I think.

I’m back to the original location now, but it is the equivalent of this screen. This is how the one on my second setup should have looked like.

Right, so check the setting of your Sort (ascending or descending) - it’s the button on the right of the "Sort by…"button. My bet is that you have your Sort set the opposite way on your second system.

I’ll be at my other location in a couple of weeks. However, I don’t think that will sort it. It will go from 1 to Z but not in the order of the screen above. The screenshot is sorted by date added to roon, or, in other words, the actual date on the music files.

I’ll play with it when I get back and see.