Running HQP within Roon

Why cant I see exclusive mode in my settings?
Also I followed steps for setting up HQP to run in Roon. I am using a uRendu and get no sound. Do I have to set the uRendu to NAA or will it run on Roon Ready?

You have to configure the microRendu as an HQP NAA and then configure HQP to send the stream out to the mR (along with the other HQP settings). I strongly recommend getting HQP and the NAA working on their own and only then implementing the Roon/HQP integration. As you might expect, the Roon part is the easier part.

I was hoping that I could use the roon ready interface with the uRendu. I have a hard time getting/ maintaining a network connection with naa. Thank you.

You can certainly run from Roon to RoonReady mode in microRendu. That has nothing to do with HQPlayer (HQP).

Just select RoonReady on the microRendu, choose microRendu as your output in Roon, and should work well.

Maybe I misunderstood the question. Configuring the mR as a RoonReady endpoint and leaving HQP out of the picture entirely is certainly a simpler, more user-friendly, less resource-intensive way to go.

I thought @ted_betley wanted to set up for Roon/HQP integration.

I did want to run hqp from within Roon. But I wanted to maintain the network connection through roon ready to uRendu. Is this even possible?

No. HQP takes the Roon output, does dsp and then distributes it. You have to use the NAA app on the mR to accept an output from HQP.

Well then I have no reason to run HQP.

Problem solved.