Running in a virtual machine

Is there any way to get Roon running in a VM that fails to meet the OpenGL requirements? Want to run on a VM on a NAS in server mode so I have 24/7 access and once the remote apps launch I can use to serve my whole house music system.


When we have a headless server available, this will work for you.

I’m hoping to get that out to you guys in June.

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That’s great news although I kind of wished that I had held off on the trial as until this is out I can’t test it!

Do you know if the trial and the 10% discount will still apply to the headless version? Will it be a separate SKU and if so will there be a cost differential?



Headless software will be a free download. You need a membership of course, but you can run headless or with head. It’s your choice.

Fantastic. Will there be the possibility of getting a trial extension for those of us who have activated the trial but can’t try it until the headless vesion is out?