Running out of space on Hard Drive

Can I Have another hard drive work at the same time as the one I got which is my core

You can store local music files on a USB drive or NAS.

I have a hard drive already ,I want to add yet another one

If you can attach the drive to your core, you can access the files. You just need to add it in the Storage section of Settings so Roon can see it.

thanks ,I thought you could but wasn’t sure

Which type of computer do you use? PC or Apple?

PC windows 10

You should be good to go. External drives with Apple ios Catalina are currently having issues, but adding an additional HDD to a Windows 10 PC should be just fine.

That’s what a USB drive is, an additional drive connected via USB.

It doesn’t have to be USB, it could be an internal [SATA] hard drive the OP is considering adding … but it’s not clear what his intentions are.

The more your library grows, the more important it is IMHO to have a copy/backup of your music library. You would hardly love to lose the data.
Depending on your needs, there are maybe better options than just adding additional space to the core. You should start thinking about it before it’s too late. :wink:

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I didn’t say it had to be USB. I was explaining to the OP that a USB drive is an additional drive. He did not understand that.