Running ROCK on a series 4 i5 NUC

I know Roon doesn’t officially support Rock on anything older than a series 5 NUC, but will it work? I currently use Win10, and I am looking to use either Ubuntu or Rock.

Hoping there may be some users on series 4 nuc’s who can respond.

Thanks in advance.

You can always try, but, if it won’t be officially supported, and is considered tinkering. ROCK was created for the specified hardware and might not run on other hardware. People however do install ROCK on non-spec hardware, but, they realize they are tinkering.

If that bothers you, then just use Linux or Windows, not like ROCK is adding anything to the SQ, and you would then be in a supported install.

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Rock is installed and working fine.
No issue.

Blew windows away. :wink:

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I ran ROCK on a 2nd Generation NUC when it first came out, a, which is an i3, with 8GB RAM and a 240GB m.SATA SSD.
It ran fine, lent it out and I believe it is still running ROCK today for someone using mostly with a Tidal based library.

Today I still run ROCK on a NUC5i3 with 95K track library and multiple endpoints, without issue.

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Running ROCK on this without any problem at all:

  • NUC5i3RYK
  • intel core i3 NUC (i3 5010u 2,10ghz)
  • 128 SSD
  • 8gb RAM