Running Roon and Qobuz with MiFi/Portable Wi-Fi

I will soon be moving to a temporary home close to Central London for a few months and cannot easily get fixed broadband.

The best solution may be to use my phone as a hotspot with an unlimited data monthly 4G contract, though I could buy a mifi router if that would make a difference.

Will this allow me to run Roon, preferably with Qobuz?

If it helps, I run Roon on an i3 headless PC, which also stores music, streaming to a Devialet Expert Pro 220 and a B&W Formation Wedge.

I’m using this Huawei B529s-23a HomeNet Box for more than a year, streaming Qobuz via Roon and it works like a charm. Very, very good. I have a NUC8i7BEH2 with ROCK installed and connected to the Huawei routers Ethernet LAN port. I can take them with me and use ROON wherever the LTE signal is strong enough.

Thanks Axel

That is very encouraging and it looks as if there are UK equivalents.