Running Roon core on a tablet?

I searched the site for an answer but it’s not clear to me – I found this page link below, but it does not use the word “core” so I am not sure. From what I can gather, core will not run on any iPads, but might run on some tablets? (Hoping to get away from running the core on my MBP…)

If by “tablet” you mean Surface Pro (or similar), yeah, maybe. But for the most part, no, a tablet is limited to being a Roon remote or endpoint.


Hi @PR_Terhorst,

iOS and Android devices can not be used as Core machines. The Core must be on a Windows, Mac, or Linux device and should meet our minimum requirements.

Properly spec’d Surface Pro…absolutely. True “tablet”…definitely not.

Recommended Hardware
Intel Core i3, Ivy Bridge+
SSD boot drive
1440 x 900 Resolution

Just a thought: since my smartphone specifications exceed those mentioned minimum requirements, why not a roon version (not remote) to run on powerful smartphones/tablets?

No, you smartphones specs don’t come close the required ones, except for RAM.

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