running Roon Core on NUC or NAS (recommendations welcome)

Hi there. I am new here and need your support please. I’m currently testing a trial subscription from Roon and I’m thrilled. I would like to continue the subscription and am now faced with the choice of getting the Roon Core to run on either a NUC or a NAS (was thinking of the new Synology 723+).
Do you have any recommendations on this from your side?
I am willing to invest up to a maximum of 1.000 euros for the hardware.

About the size of my music library:

  • about 9.000 files (high-resolution music, 16bit, 24bit, FLAC, ALAC, MQA, WAV)
  • about 60.000 files (mp3)

I would always prefer a NUC over any NAS for a roon core! its a simple turn key solution, starts up in a few seconds and is just reliable, wich I cannot say about my Synology nas. This thing takes around 10 minutes to get started, I had already 2 failed Harddisks and overall its performance is questionable (ok I have an older 414j Nas)
So, I run a Nuc10i5 with a 1TB USB SSD just for roon and use the nas as a backup and for some movies.


Probably everything that can be said on this has already been said / discussed so you might want to have a read though and add to the end of an existing thread rather than kickoff a new one.

Personally, unless you need the NAS for other purposes I’d go with a NUC.

You can find an old / used NUC on eBay (even the older 7th or 8th gen models are fine for most users needs) suitable for running Roon’s ROCK OS for a few hundred euros. With ROCK / Roon OS installed on it you’ll have a zero maintenance device with a nice web interface. Add an internal or external hard drive for your music and you’re done.

AMD Ryzen is an X64 CPU that is perfectly capable of running Roon.

That aside, this particular model does not looks look like a good choice. It still needs memory upgrade, M.2 caches for decent Roon database performance, and with only 2 drive bays you don’t get any advantages of a multi-drive RAID.

If you have some (other) use for a NAS, a more powerful Synology (or QNAP) would be a decent choice. Otherwise, NUC will give you a better cCore for less money.