Running Roon Core Wireless ( mixed network )

I’m wondering if this is possible I have purchased a INTEL NUC but currently I do not have wired Ethernet and no plans to get it in the near future. I am hoping that you guys will help me by just letting me know that it IS POSSIBLE!?

Hi - it’s not possible if you install ROCK, but I believe it is if you install a different OS and then add the appropriate Roon version for that OS.


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I’ve run Roon in my home audio network over WiFi with very few problems. It’s no surprise that those problems were all related to signal strength on the WiFi. I run Windows 10 on my Roon Server PC and I run it headless. Music doesn’t use much capacity compared to something like video so WiFi is fine provided that it’s a reliable connection. Key is reliable.

If you have the NUC set up then I suggest positioning it where you plan to operate it and then run the Google WiFi test on that NUC to make sure that you have a high quality connection from the device where it will be used. You may have terrific capacity from a laptop in the same room but far less quality from a device that my be tucked away in a cabinet or in a corner.

Consistency is important. If the WiFi signal gets interrupted frequently or vacillates between high speed and very low speed then this will be a problem. If you’re running a home mesh network then you can get more consistency by connecting your Roon Server directly to one of the mesh devices and/or using a cheap network switch like a Netgear ethernet switch to use as a hub that can connect directly to one of the mesh devices.

Note that using a WiFi network adds some burden to you to make sure it’s working well. Roon support can’t debug all the possible problems that crop up with WiFi. If you run into a problem then the first debug step requested will be to not use WiFi.

To sum up from my experience WiFi works just fine so long as you can build and maintain an effective WiFi network in your home to those devices.

A non-scientific review of the posts of this forum would suggest that the majority of problems reported here stem from using a wireless core. That said, good luck with your installation.

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Yes, I am just trying to get a barebones Roon Machine working…
I will be trying to run it on a windows machine

If your NUC is 7th Gen then WiFi works. I never understoon why ROCK doesn’t support WiFi from 8th Gen Nucs on. I have only ever run my Roon Core wirelessly and never ever had a single problem. I wouldn’t mind getting a new silent mini computer to run my ROON Core on but ROON are preventing me from doing that… seems really really stupid and it may end up forcing me to move to another platform. Yes i know i can install the Core over windows but since ROCK is dedicated just for ROON i would really like to be able to use that on an updated machine.

How did you go running it on Windows ?

My Roon Core is a VM inside a not so poweful FreeNAS server. It is connected to a slave router in a mesh system. I get transfer rates up to 260Mbps and I havent had any issues with this implementation at all. My DB is not too big as I mostly stream music from TIDAL.

I hope this helps.

EDIT: The slave router is wirelessly connected to the main router.