Running Roon over RDP

I have a Windows 10 PC with Roon desktop installed. I find that I can use Roon on this PC over Remote Desktop. The CPU is an i7 6700k with integrated graphics.

I also run HQPlayer on this PC and to use the CUDA offload feature of HQPlayer, I installed a GTX 970 video card.

However, now with the discrete video card installed, I can no longer run Roon over RDP.

I am sure it’s because of the OpenGL requirement of Roon, but given there is “enough” hardware in the PC to do it, is there a software work around so I can continue RDP’ing into this PC to run Roon? This is very helpful for older iPads which cannot run the Roon app.

Thanks, hammer

Is there an option to choose which graphics card Roon uses? I’ve seen this with certain graphics cards, and I’m wondering if maybe you can configure your system so Roon uses Intel’s integrated graphics?