Running ROON possible in a NAS Synology DS414j no additional PC

I need some help for that:

ROON and TIDAL with Meridian 861v6/8(ID40) macbook pro +external USB-HD and a iPad .
My modem/router is in the cellar downstairs, a ethernet cable come up to a switch and go from there to my Macbook +audio.

A NAS system downstairs near the modem/router, a cable upstairs to the Meridian 861(ROON compatible built in network card)
The NAS should also
a) save data from my windows PC what will not used for the M network audio.
b) able to run ROON and TIDAL in the NAS - not on another PC or MAC
c) “remote” control via my i-pad

I found a used 4 bay NAS box Synology DS414j
Is this NAS ok, good for that application?
Should I make another configuration?

I’m not sure whether the MindSpeed Comcerto 2000 Dual Core 1.2GHz (ARM Cortex-A9 processor with SMP and ARM Neon™ DSPs) CPU has enough power to run Roon Core. Minimum requirement is an Intel i3 64bit CPU. I think you would be better off looking for a Qnap NAS with a better CPU.

Thanks Wiiliam,
beside the speed of that particulary NAS, it possible to run ROON only in a proper NAS and no additioanl PC/Mac is needed ? Sorry, but aim a PC dummy as you recognize.

Hi @robert_wistrela,

Roon Server would run on a suitably specified Synology or QNAP NAS … personally I prefer QNAP as their CPUs/RAM tend to be higher specified (and also can run Sooloos if required).

Roon Remote could then be run on a suitably specified tablet… I use an iPad Air 2.

However, you may still need a device to rip CDs so you would need a Window’s PC, Mac or dedicated ripping device for that.

The Roon Knowledge Base is a good source of information, have a read esp. these pages:
What are the minimum requirements
Roon Server on NAS

Yes, you can run Roon Core on an appropriate NAS. You would only need to run a control app on a Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Many thanks to everybody Robert