Running Roon standalone without core

When I am at work, I would like to run Roon (control+output) without a core as an interface to my Tidal subscription. I prefer the Roon interface vs. Tidal interface.

Is this possible?



No. you need a core.
You could try running into it via a VPN , it’s not roon supported but if you look in the tinkering section there are threads on doing so.

Roon will not work without the core. Why do you not want the core? Is it because you have another core running at home? Roon lets you easily move licenses from one core to another.

You can’t have roon run without a core but to do what you’re trying to do, you’d need to:

  1. Do a separate install of roon (core + remote) on your work computer and have a local copy of your music and periodically keep your two systems in sync by syncing your music files and installing a current backup of your primary roon system on your work system. You could use your same roon license if you want – when you log into your work system it deauthorizes your home system or buy a 2nd license. I do this to have a travel system with roon and it works but is kind of kludgy.

  2. Try connecting to your home system via VPN as @ged_hickman1 suggest. Some have gotten this to work but its difficult.

  3. Wait for Roon to come out with something more elegant – but no promise that they will.

@Craig_Palmer OP is trying to access only Tidal at work, but of course having local files is a bonus (but extra work).

Thank you all. Understood about core. I was trying to avoid constant authorization and deauthorization.

It is a lot of work, but I have started (slowly) to favorize in Qobuz my local ‘ripped’ albums.
(would work for Tidal too of course).

It is manual work as synchronisation is only working from Qobuz/Tidal to Roon.

And indeed, the album that I favorize in Qobuz is added to My Library again, which requires an extra step to ‘group’ the albums. I do keep my ‘ripped’ album as Primary.

This will allow me to listen to ‘my ripped albums’ via Qobuz Mobile app when I am on the move.

Forgetting the extra work for a minute, there are 2 advantages:

  1. I pick the version in Qobuz of my preference (as often different versions are available)
  2. I can choose the albums I really want to have, ignoring others (in my case I will focus on pop/rock/folk music for on-the-go, and ignore Classical, Jazz & Blues)


@Thucydides_Xanthopou I put up with it - its just a couple of clicks when I get to the office and same when I get back home. However, I do wish Roon would automatically transfer the license.