Running two cores

(Barrie Hadfield) #1


I have one core running at home on a dedicated machine and all is well.

I would like to purchase the 2nd core to run off my laptop which will just have the music I have exported to my Music folder on my laptop (so I can listen to music while at work).

Will it be easy to switch my Roon client (OSX) between the two cores? Or am I going to have trouble?

Many thanks

(Ged) #2

You have a license to run roon on any device as long as only one is “active” at any time.
The only problem you will have is that the databases will be seperate so changes you make on one will not be reflected in the other.

(Barrie Hadfield) #3

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am happy with the databases being different as one will be a subset of the other. I know I need to purchase an additional core (as both are likely to be active).

My concern is how easy it is to switch between one and the other…

(Ged) #4

Not sure I understand the problem/question.

(Philo Melos) #5

Well, I think he means if you can use the same remote for 2 different cores.

(Ged) #6

Oh ok I get it now, apologies. Very easy the laptop.will be core and client at work. When home just disconnect the laptop client from the laptop server and roon will ask which server you want to connect to.

(Mr Fix It ) #7

Under settings there is a Disconnect box next to the current core…when you disconnect it will list any cores that are available to connect to. Assuming you have 2 lic’s you will be able to use both concurrently and chose whichever one from remote on that network.

Caviat I stop swap between both they must both be on the network subnet. Otherwise you will only see one core.

(Noris) #8

Hello @Barrie_Hadfield,

Just wanted to confirm what the other people are saying here, switching the OSX Roon Remote will be as simple as going to Roon Settings -> General -> Disconnect (from Current Core) -> Selecting desired Core.

Our KB Article here provides a bit more info, but if you are running the two cores and have purchased licenses for both, they will show up underneath each other if the Cores are on the same network or just one of them if separate networks (depending on which of the networks you are connected to). Hope this helps!


(Barrie Hadfield) #10

Thank you all for the help. That is great news. :slight_smile: