Running very slow to excruciatingly slow and now has stopped downloading from Tidal to my library

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Everything linked by ethernet.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
DSPeaker DAC, room correction, pre-amp; Audiosmile active speakers.
Approx 67k songs stored on Zoneripper NAS: total 77k songs including from Tidal.

Description Of Issue
System has gradually slowed down over the past couple of months on most commands and has recently stopped downloading from Tidal to my library. Also, it is now not recognising my iPad and I have to re-enable it which again can be agonisingly slow!

Hi have you tried rebooting the Nucleus and your networking equipment?

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Hi Carl, no. Not sure how I would do that without losing info(or just doing it :blush:)

Do I just delete the Roon app and then reload it? Do I need to do anything in Roon settings? Do I need to do anything withTidal?

As can be gleaned from these questions, computers aren’t my forte!

No … I did not ask for the application to be deleted, just rebooted … this simplest was is just to switch the device(s) off, wait a few seconds, and then power it back up again.

System is much better since reboot, but not always lightening fast as it once was and still has the issue of losing connection with my i-pad.

Reboot your router.

Not directly related to your problem, but after reading this comment I feel compelled to advise that you learn how to make Roon Backups.


The system currently backs up every 4days. Do you recommend further/more frequent back ups?

My Roon core backs up every night. I save the last 20. I have only restored once when something got messed up switching the active core back and forth between my Nucleus and laptop for travel. The restore worked perfectly. I back up to a 1 TB USB HDD.

That would depend on how often you add music or tags or playlists, etc.

I would back up to more than one location, however.

Did you reboot your router?.

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Hello @Paul_O_Grady, I’m glad you got some good suggestions here! Can you tell me more about what specific actions seem to be taking longer than usual? I’d also like to know about your network setup. What router do you have? Any switches, etc.

Lastly, do you see this slowness on all remotes?

Hi, most actions have improved significantly but when I search for an artist/band or a specific album from what’s available on Tidal Or indeed a specific track - not always but often - there is a frustrating wait of anything from a few seconds to over a minute.
The router I’m using is a BT router/hub, supporting my Zoneripper/NAS, Nucleus+, DAC/Pre-amp; which obviously this feeds into my active speakers.
No switches.
The remote I use 99.999% of the time is my i-pad.

Just been doing something else on my i-pad, came back to change the album and it took 40 secs to load!

Hey @Paul_O_Grady, thanks for the info. Any slowness playing local tracks? Have you tried Google or Cloudflare DNS?

As I said the delay(s) aren’t always, I’ve just tried local, there was no delay, and also tried import and no delay! I’ll try both over the next day or so and note any difference.
The other bits you asked if I’d tried just shot completely over my head🙁 - sorry.

Here’s the latest.
Switched on, clicked onto Overview wouldn’t load, switched onto Tidal nothing would load apart from Tidal Rising. Next tried listening and downloading Bob Dylan’s latest offering in Roon, no change on both counts. In between trying the different commands I switched off and on a few times. In frustration rebooted the Zoneripper and Nucleus. Now working again with no delays.
Not confident it’s going to last though.

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Hello @Paul_O_Grady, no problem if you aren’t familiar to what I was proposing in my last post, I’d be happy to show you!

What I meant here was music stored on your local machine, like a file you’ve downloaded or something you don’t need the internet to play.

Here’s a guide for switching to Google’s DNS, doing so might help if you’re having internet connection issues.

Basically, our best bet when we come across this issue is to remove what we can from your setup, get everything connected via Ethernet, disable things like firewalls, antivirus, and VPN’s, then see if we still have slow operation.