Runtimes don't match

Lots of the CD runtimes don’t seems to match; some examples below.

Mac: 1.5 (build 334) stable (64bit)



Thanks for sharing your observation with us, @Afullmark, we appreciate the feedback.

Would you mind sharing one of the albums shown above that’s experiencing this behavior with us?

Ideally, you can zip up the entire folder and send me private message containing a shared dropbox link. If you don’t have Dropbox or need another way to send the media, just let me know.


Just popped you a link. 3 examples are included. Quite a lot of albums show the same issue.

Thanks, @Afullmark!

I’ll pass the examples you sent along to the team for further investigation. Once I’ve received feedback from the team I’ll be sure to update you on their findings.


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I recall a very old bug from at least a year ago (maybe more) where having duplicate versions of the same album (e.g. CD and SACD rips) caused a double counting of the composition length, very similar to what is shown here.

Here is the very old thread:

I checked. Two of the albums I supplied did not have other versions. A multi-disc album I supplied did have another version, but the runtime isn’t double but an extra hour or so.

A disc with CD and SACD layers are duplicates. So run times will be the sum of the two layers.

I don’t have any SACDs

Look at your second screen capture. Roon identifies your file as a rip of a hybrid SACD disk. So even if you have never owned it, that is where Roon thinks it came from.

Nope. That’s a download from qobuz. That’s just the album art they use.

Updated to 1.5 (build 339), and there has been a bit of a change:

So, they seem to be somewhat correct now; however others CDs are not (I included this three disc album in the files a sent you):


The Album (All discs) is 3h, 34m; the whole of disc 2 is 1h, 6m yet:

Tracks 1 & 2 are only 7 mins but roon shows 1h, 19m

Tracks 3-7 are only 33 mins, yet Roon shows 2h, 5m.

This is where there is further errors as this version (I have two version of this CD
Tracks 9-16 is incorrect; this version only has tracks 9-14. And they are only 23 mins in length, total. Roon is using the track numbers from the other, lower quality, version. This is not right: Roon has the incorrect runtime and the incorrect track numbers for all discs in the high quality, 24 bit, version.

24 bit version (correct track count and runtime):
Disc 1: 16 tracks, 1h, 20 min runtime
Disc 2: 14 tracks, 1h 6 min runtime
Disc 3: 14 tracks, 1h 9 min runtime

But Roon (incorrectly) is showing 14 for disc 1, 16 for disc 2 (5h29 mins-odd runtime) and 14 for disc 3 (2h 5 mins runtime).

16bit version:
disc 1: 14 tracks, 1h 12 mins
disc 2: 16 tracks, 1h 14 mins
disc 3: 14 tracks, 1h 9 mins

Roon is using the track numbers from the 16bit version for the 24 bits version, and all the runtimes are very wrong.

I will Zip up these two albums and send them to you so you can reproduce the issue.